B&G Go Free Wireless Module
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    B&G Go Free Wireless Module

    Price: $199.00

    Product Code: BG00011068001

    Description of B&G Go Free Wireless Module

    B&G WIFI-1 Module

    The WIFI-1 is a marine grade wireless gateway which allows owners of compatible B&G Zeus Touch display units to view data when utilised in conjunction with a wireless device.

    This low profile Wi-Fi gateway may be small, but it packs a punch well above its weight, allowing multiple tablets or smartphones to be used to view B&G network data. The WIFI-1 connects to B&G Zeus Touch via Ethernet and supports wireless connectivity using 802.11 b+g wireless protocols.

    A number of B&G Zeus Touch units can be used with just one WIFI-1 module, meaning that an entire system can be online with just the addition of one handy wireless gateway.

    Wireless technology

    Full Integration

    Network ready

    Marine Specific

    Zeus Touch compatible


    Low Power device


    Easy to install

    Anti-VHF disruption filters