Ball or Golf Grip Swivel Stick 24
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    Ball or Golf Grip Swivel Stick 24

    Price: $34.74

    Product Code: F102001

    Description of Ball or Golf Grip Swivel Stick 24

    Forespar’s® economical fixed length tiller extension is now a better value. Featuring our removable Speed Lock (SL) rubber universal end fitting mounted on rugged 5/8” dia. black anodized aluminum tubing with rubber Ball End or Golf Grip style handle. For the small boat (up to 22’ maximum) sailor. Available in four of the most popular lengths: 18”, 24”, 30” and 36”. Forespar® has taken “universal” tiller end fittings to the next level. Our unique “Speed-Lock” end allows for a full 360° of rotation (twist) without binding or failure. It is quickly and easily removed from the tiller by simply depressing the “button” in the base plate and sliding the end out. The base plate is a polymer material for maximum longevity and the universal can be easily unscrewed from the tiller handle and replaced with simple hand tools, if replacement ever becomes necessary. SPEED-LOCK (SL) Base dimensions 1-1/4” x 2” Hole Spacing 1-1/4” Centers