Mc Murdo FastFind 210 PLB w GPS
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    Mc Murdo FastFind 210 PLB w GPS

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    Description of Mc Murdo FastFind 210 PLB w GPS

    With the McMurdo FastFind 210 Personal Locator Beacon, you'll get found FAST with a PLB as small as a mobile telephone. The FastFind 210 PLB fits easily into backpacks, flight bags, on lifejackets, put it just about anywhere, and get found anywhere in the world! No subscription fees are required! Weighs just 5.3 oz. Fastfind will transmit a unique emergency message identifier through the Cospas/Sarsatsatellite system which can pinpoint your location anywhere on the earth's surface. In most cases, the emergency alert is first received within as little as 5 minutes. Fastfind has a secondary 'homing' transmitter which allows Search and Rescue teams to direction find or 'home in ' on it once they arrive on scene. Fastfind has a storage life of 5 years, and once activated will continue to transmit emergency alerts for a minimum of 24 hours. Fastfind also has a unique, built-in SOS flash feature to aid in nighttime rescues. Key Features as small as an average mobile phone.