Spyderline 1.8mm
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    Spyderline 1.8mm

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    Product Code: NER297X02


    Description of Spyderline 1.8mm

    Product Description: Spyderline is an ultra strong all-purpose dinghy control line. The twill pattern cover is made from 100% polyester and the core is 100% Dyneema SK75 fiber. Very strong with extremely low stretch, Spyderline is perfect for use in small leads, micro blocks, and purchase systems. Sizes over 1.8mm have braided cores allowing for additional performance modifications. Features: ‰Û¢Strong ‰Û¢Very Lightweight ‰Û¢Flexible yet firm enough to feed through micro blocks and purchase systems ‰Û¢Sizes over 1.8mm have a spliceable core Applications: ‰Û¢Cunninghams ‰Û¢Vang Systems ‰Û¢Outhauls ‰Û¢Halyards ‰Û¢Traveler Lines ‰Û¢Trapeze Lines ‰Û¢Topping Lifts ‰Û¢Twings Colors Available: ‰Û¢Mango ‰Û¢Red ‰Û¢Purple ‰Û¢Black ‰Û¢Lime Size Weight Tensile lbs/100' g/m lbs kg 1.8mm 0.2 3.0 350 159 2.8mm 0.4 6.0 1,200 545 3.8mm 0.8 11.9 1,900 863 4.8mm 1.3 19.3 2,500 1,135 Sunlight/UV: