PTX 7000 (Personal Transmitter) for MOBi-lert system
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    PTX 7000 (Personal Transmitter) for MOBi-lert system

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    Description of PTX 7000 (Personal Transmitter) for MOBi-lert system

    Personal Transmitter MOBi-lert PTX 7000 (PTX) are Personal Transmitters worn by every person on board a vessel. They are included with every MOBi-lert system. Users simply attach the waterproof PTX to their clothes or body, using the supplied lanyard or clip. Each PTX is continually transmitting signals to a central receiver installed on board the wearer's vessel. Any break in transmission between a wearer's PTX and the vessel, caused by immersion in sea water, will raise an alarm. For systems with a MOBi-lert Console, individual PTX can be registered with the wearer's name - allowing immediate identification of a MOB in the event of an emergency. PTX are available in a range of colours. They are small, lightweight and very easy to wear. With rechargeable batteries that last up to three to four days between charges, PTX are hassle-free. A warning alarm sounds if PTX battery levels are low and in need of a recharge. Simply store in the supplied Charger Pod when not in use - this storage solution also ensures that PTX remain charged at all times. Because MOBi-lert systems cater for up to 18 people, PTX are also available for individual purchase.