Survival Technologies MOM-8A
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    Survival Technologies MOM-8A

    Price: $699.00

    Product Code: STG-800010

    Description of Survival Technologies MOM-8A

    The MOM8-A is a completely self-contained system consisting of the canister (complete universal mounting hardware is included) with an inflatable horseshoe shaped buoyant device, inflatable locator pylon, a self-opening sea anchor, packed in the canister and ready for instant deployment. The MOM unit is mounted on the stern pulpit either directly over the stern or on the port or starboard quarter depending on the boat's configuration. Located on the top of the canister is a Deployment Handle which when pulled opens the bottom of the canister and allows the inflatable devices to automatically inflate while falling into the water. The canister is positioned on the stern pulpit in a way which allows free-fall into the water. Both inflatable devices are fully deployed and inflated within 7 to 10 seconds after deployment.