Suvival Technologies TECHFLOAT
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    Suvival Technologies TECHFLOAT

    Price: $179.95

    Product Code: STG-800014

    Description of Suvival Technologies TECHFLOAT

    THE TECHFLOAT is unequalled in its design for aiding in the rescue of a person in the water. Packed in one small, lightweight pouch is both a rugged, bagged, heaving line and an automatic inflatable buoyant device, which will provide 25 Ibs. of buoyancy after inflation. This is an excellent device for all boats from 12 feet to 200 feet., particularly aboard powerboats that cannot use "MOM", Life slings, etc. A number of trained rescue agencies have adopted the TECHFLOAT as their primary water rescue device for open waters, harbors, lakes, pools and beaches. HOW TECHFLOAT WORKS: Holding one end of the line, the entire unit is thrown into the water (throw underhand for best accuracy) and the buoyancy aid automatically inflates in just seconds via a patented valve system. The line pays out of the bag as it is thrown, just like our regular heaving line bags. TECHFLOAT ADVANTAGES: This device has the same buoyancy as many large "rigid" foam horseshoes and yet it takes up only a fraction of the space. TECHFLOAT may be thrown great distance without holding the line if you just want to get the buoyancy aid to the survivor. The TECHFLOAT should be stored near the helm station ready for instant use in an emergency man overboard. The inflatable buoyancy aid is a water-activated system and care must be exercised to store the device so that it is not exposed to heavy rain or excessive spray.