Survival Technologies MOM-9
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    Survival Technologies MOM-9

    Price: $1,449.00

    Product Code: STG800011

    Description of Survival Technologies MOM-9

    The MOM 9 is a completely self-contained system consisting of a rugged molded container and a complete universal mounting hardware assembly. Packed within the container is a one-man ballasted rescue raft, a ballasted locator pylon and two anti-drift sea anchors. The MOM is designed to be mounted on the stern pulpit of sailboats, either over the transom or on the port or starboard quarters. A key feature of the MOM 9 is its' ability to be deployed rapidly by a single pull of the Deployment Handle on top of the case. In any person-overboard situation the most important task is to get the person a good flotation device as quickly as possible. Secondly, a means to locate the person must also be deployed. All STG Man Overboard Modules are designed to deploy the entire system with one simple action; no confusion and no wasted time! The one-man rescue raft provides a means to get the person out of the water and vastly improves the threat of rapid hypothermia. The raft also provides protection against predators. The raft has been designed to provide max. freeboard and enhanced stability with water ballast pockets. The raft now is equipped with self- contained lifting straps, which permit the raft and the survivor to be lifted aboard together by means of a mast halyard. This is particularly beneficial if the person has been injured. Attached to the raft are two self-opening sea anchors, which serve purposes They reduce downwind drift, provide bow quartering in heavy seas and the use of two, one on each end, prevent the raft from being lifted off the water. The locator pylon is a ballasted device with a lithium-powered, water activated, steady state light. It has an 8-hour life and an average sighting distance of . 8 nautical miles under normal night conditions. The primary purpose of the light is for the person in the water to locate the system at night. There are two 16" long SOLAS light-reflective panels on the pylon. The inflatable units are tethered to one another with a _"braided floating line.