Switlik 6 Person MKII with Solas A Equipment in Cannister
    Close Switlik 6 Person MKII with Solas A Equipment in Cannister

    Switlik 6 Person MKII with Solas A Equipment in Cannister

    Price: $5,639.00

    Product Code: SWICGF6ASTDMKII

    Container Type:
    Flat Fiberglass Container
    Round fiberglass Container

    Description of Switlik 6 Person MKII with Solas A Equipment in Cannister

    This competely new "SOLAS" life raft's unique design and buoyancy chamber inner sleeves reduce bulk and allow it to fit into a low profile flat fiberglass container. Twin "Gull-Wing" doors facilitate boarding from higher freeboard vessels and the large openings provide excellent ventilation with 360 lookout capability. Double canopy support arch tubes provide substantial head and shoulder room. Features & Equipment STANDARD FEATURES Insulating double wall canopy Insulating Heat Sealed Inflatable Floor Painter/Static Line (Length, 130 ft.) CO2 Inflation System Sea Anchor(Automatically Deployed) Painter/Static Line Attachment Point aaaa(1700 lbs. test) (6-10 Person Capacity) aaaa(3,000 lbs. test) (15-25 Person Capacity) Righting Strap Lifelines (Inner) Lifelines (Outer) Floating/Heaving Line (Length, 100 ft.) Exterior Locator Light Interior Light Rain Water Collector Floating Knife Pressure Relief Valves Large Rectangular Ballast Pockets Waterproof Equipment Bag Retro-Reflective Tape Boarding Ladder Rigid Boarding Step (6-15 Person Capacity) Inflatable Boarding Step (20-25 Person Capacity) Boarding Handholds Static Line Weak Link Two Canopy Support Arches Heat Sealed Urethane Buoyancy Chambers (6-15 Person Capacity) Neoprene Buoyancy Chambers (20-25 Person Capacity) USCG Approved Hydrostatic Release Manual Topping Off Valves Double Layer Storm Doors Raft Use Instructions Hand Laid Fiberglass Container Anodized Aluminum Deck Mounting Cradle (Flat Container) Galvanized Steel Deck Mounting Cradle (Round Container) OPTIONAL FEATURE Insulating "Drop-Stitch" Inflatable Floor STANDARD EQUIPMENT Individual Thermal Protective Aids (2 ea.) Paddles Manual Inflation/Bilge Pump Repair Clamps (6 ea.) Adhesive & Patch Repair Kit Pressure Relief Valve Plugs SOLAS "A" EQUIPMENT All Standard Equipment & SOLAS "B" Equipment Plus: Graduated Drinking Cup Drinking Water (6-20 Person Capacity - 1_ Liters Per Person) (25 Person Capacity - 1 Liter Per Person + Water Maker) Food Ration (10 Kilo-Joules Per Person) Can Opener Fishing Kit USCG/SOLAS Parachute Distress Signals (2 Add'l) USCG/SOLAS Red Handheld Distress Signals (2 Add'l) USCG/SOLAS Smoke Signal (1 Add'l)