B&G H5000

The NEW H5000 instrument and autopilot systems combine unique sailing features with race-proven technology in a straightforward package. Developed for blue water cruisers and racing yachts alike, the range brings powerful system options to match your exacting requirements. From an ultra-fast CPU to a convenient web-browser interface access, full-colour and custom displays and a dedicated autopilot controller, the H5000 system was developed to provide the best instrument and autopilot system available. The H5000 range comprises several units which network seamlessly with other onboard electronics including the Zeus range of chartplotters. The H5000 system is driven by a powerful Central Processing Unit (CPU) reaching speeds up to 50 times greater than its predecessor, with Hydra, Hercules and Performance level software options tailored for all users from serious cruisers to professional racers. It works with B&G’s proven H3000 Wind, Speed, Heel and meteorological sensors for a straightforward upgrades. The high resolution H5000 Graphic Display is highly intuitive and delivers information on a 5-inch bonded screen with fast, smooth display updates. The H5000 Race Display provides segmented text, numbers and target indicator for the race information you need in a glance. The powerful H5000 Pilot brings the functionality and dedicated sailing algorithms of its record-breaking predecessor , supporting the exact needs of a performance sailboat and its crew – whether short-handed cruising or solo racing. In addition, the Pilot Controller provides dedicated access to autopilot functions. B&G’s pioneering web-browser interface lets you connect your PC or tablet to the network for setup, calibration and control of every part of your H5000 system. Straightforward, it utilises a familiar web browser interface to allow quick calibration of instruments, easy setup of displays and configuration of features for complete customisation. You can also access online product manuals, data backups and network diagnostics.

*Key Features: 3-10 bulleted highlights specific to the product and/or model.

• Fast, Flexible CPU

The H5000 CPU, calculating precise data up to 50 times faster than its predecessor, provides Hydra, Hercules and Performance level software options tailored for all users from serious cruisers to professional racers.

• Smart, durable Graphic Display

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• Unique sailing features From clever sailing algorithms, including B&G’s unique boat motion corrections, to dedicated start line features, the H5000 won’t be beaten

• Dedicated Autopilot Controller

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• Bright, 5-inch bonded LCD Race Display. [use 30 words from Race Display content doc]

• Convenient Web-Browser Interface

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