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    Price: $1,748.00

    Product Code: 90-60-359-399

    Bezel Color:
    White Bezel
    Carbon Bezel

    Description of Multigraphic

    5.7’’ LED colour screen.
    Wide 160° reading angle
    Low consumption thanks to a luminosity sensor.
    NMEA input and monitor page.

    Two bezel colours available : white [ref. 90-60-359] or carbon like [ref. 90-60-399]

    • Dimensions (H x L x D) : 118 x 192 x 23 mm
    • Consumption: 90 mA without lighting,150 mA with lighting
    • Horizontal reading angle > 160° ; Vertical > 120°


    • Direct control: Auto, Stand-by, +10, -10, +1°,-1°
    • 3 dedicated pages: XTE, analogue page and digital page
    • Direct access to pilot’s settings


    • 10 pages, programmable with up to 6 values. Mix of analogue, digital, and graphic diplay
    • Display nke bus and NMEA data
    • Direct access to sensors calibration and alarm settings

    Safety data

    • AIS dedicated page featuring radar-like screen to spot targets
    • Select data to display
    • Alarm settings
    • Hazardous targets list and fleet tracking
    • AIS screen can be zoomed-in to 1 nm (V2.0)
    • AIS targets names for class B (V2.0)
    • AIS SART: visualisation on the AIS page of the MOB AIS beacons (V2.0).

    Performance functions*

    • A racing page gives access to:
      • True Wind indicator : true wind direction trends at a glance and accurately.
      • Race timer
      • Start line : boat and pin, length, distance to go, time to burn. Favourable side is expressed in angle (°) and distance (meters)
    •  True Wind angle tables. These values apply a correction to the measured data
    • Current  and drift: the Multigraphic calculates automatically the drift and displays speed and direction of the current.

    Tactician page for better racing

    This page displays valuable information for strategic decisions on beatin legs (V2.1).

    • True wind indicator : true wind direction trends at glance. Instant and average
    • Compass heading, Course over ground, waypoint bearing
    • Calculate drift
    • Current : direction and speed
    • Waypoint heading and bearing to the mark
    • Selection of 4 data to display


    More proprieties

    • Keyboard lock and display stand-by mode
    • Alternant display of 2 values on the same line.
    • Backlight : day and night skins
    • COG magnetic value (V2.0)
    • Sensors’ settings locked by user password (V2.0)
    • Display dynamic channels from Adréna and Expédition software packages (V2.0).
    • WiFi Box : WiFi nertwork settings and display WiFi name and key (V2.0)

    • Weight: 750 g (without cable)
    • Cable: Length 5 m – Weight 40 g/m