NKE Box USB Datalog WiFI
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    NKE Box USB Datalog WiFI

    Price: $575.00

    Product Code: 90-60-538

    Description of NKE Box USB Datalog WiFI

    The Box nke allows you to multiplex the bus data (wind, speed...) and the data from the NMEA input (AIS, GPS...) to applications. It broadcasts data such as heading and distance to the WPT on the bus, to display on multifunction displays.

    Combined with toplink software, it allows you to perform remote updates, diagnostics and maintenance of your electronic installation.

    In addition to this Box, it is possible to install the nke Display Pro application that connects to the boat through the On-board WiFi network.

    The WiFi Box allows the application to have two-way communication and therefore to send commands on the Topline bus (to control the driver for example).

    • Power supply: DC (continuous) 8V – 32V
    • Consumption: 12 volts 50 mA
    • NMEA input: NMEA 183 baudrate automatically configured between 4800 and 38400 baud. Reading AIS data without initializing the NMEA input
    • NMEA output: wired NMEA 183 38400 baud
    • WiFi: Wi-Fi connection Wi-Fi 802.11b+g
    • Security: WPA
    • Wifi Box V1.2: compatible with paid options nke display pro
    The Box nke is equipped with:

    • 1 BUS connection to read and write data
    • 3 inputs: wired / USB / WIFI
    • 3 NMEA 183 outputs: wired / USB / WIFI

    Here is an example to better understand:

    1. The bus is connected to the BOX
    2. The output of the AIS receiver or transponder is connected to the wired NMEA input of the Box
    3. The tablet is connected by WIFI to the Box => The Bus data and the AIS data can be used by the tablet application.
    4. Navigation data for the active route is emitted on the WIF input in order to display this data on the external displays (e.g. heading and distance to WPT).

    This new box integrates a data house that records all the data stream of the NMEA output on a micro SD card. You can then replay your route and all the associated data.

    At the Nautic de Paris, Adrena will present this treatment in the new version 13 Pro. Expedition and ScanNav will offer tools to represent the route and data on a map.