B&G Triton 20/20 HV Display
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    B&G Triton 20/20 HV Display

    Price: $999.00

    Product Code: BG00011088001

    Description of B&G Triton 20/20 HV Display

    Triton 20/20 HV Display

    Triton HV Displays offer dedicated mast display that is not only rugged, but full of functionality. Glass bonded and packed full of B&G race-winning pedigree, Triton HV Displays can be easily integrated into your existing onboard electronics, and simply controlled via your Triton display.

    HVision presents the clearest information through unique display technology. The HV series offers lightweight, high performance data displays for every application. Bonded screen technology is used throughout the range, providinghigh contrast, wide viewing angles and zero condensation. The high integrity mechanical construction, including toughened glass, provides ultimate reliability and performance.


    Mast and cockpit repeater

    Extremely clear display for maximum visibility of key information

    Ideal for focus areas such as pedestals and trimming positions

    Bonded LCD

    Rapid Update

    Maximum clarity


    'White on Black' display

    Incredibly durable

    Ocean Proven