MagicEzy Hairline Fix .43 Fluid Oz.
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    MagicEzy Hairline Fix .43 Fluid Oz.

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    Product Code: ME200-210

    Matterhorn White
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    Description of MagicEzy Hairline Fix .43 Fluid Oz.

    Seal and Color Fine Cracks and Scratches FAST MagicEzy Hairline Fix is a glossy, one-part nano sealant with in-built colorant that penetrates deeply into the finest of damage and delivers structural grade adhesion … GUARANTEED. Use it on boats, tiles, stone benchtops, jet skis, fiberglass showers and more. Key features: Fixes and colors in one application Penetrates deeply into very fine cracks Helps prevent cracks from spreading Rubber-like flexibility for long-lasting repairs Perfect for gelcoat crazing, hairline cracks, non-skid deck areas, and fine scratches Gloss finish Can be drilled and sanded Where can it be used? Fiberglass surfaces including boats, surfboards and jetskis Ceramics Plastic* Aluminum* Wood *For plastic or aluminimum surfaces, prepare the surface using MagicEzy Mega Fusion first.

    EQUIPMENT YOU’LL NEED Hairline Fix Dishwashing detergent Water Tissue / paper towel (optional) Hairdryer (for fast drying in cold weather / vertical repairs) Damp cloth (for repairs in hot weather) Sandwich wrap / clear plastic bag (for color blending if needed) Note: When using Hairline Fix as a glossy top coat to a 9 Second Chip Fix Repair, follow Step 3 – Apply and Level

    1. CLEAN Wash damage with dishwashing detergent and water to ensure the surface is free of oil, dirt and grease. Rinse again – this time just with clean water. Ensure all water evaporates or dry the area with a hot hair dryer held one inch away until damage is dry. REPAIR SECRET: REMOVE DIRT Old hairline cracks are sometimes filled with dirt, grime and pollution. To remove, push a pin point or soft toothbrush along the crack and drag out the dirt. You may also try pressure washing the hairline crack for some seconds to clean it out. REPAIR SECRET: HOT WEATHER APPLICATION (above 90degF (30degC)) Cool the damaged surface by laying a damp towel before applying 9 Second Chip Fix until the gelcoat is at hand temperature. Keep the area cool by avoiding direct sunlight i.e. use your own shadow to cover the repair.

    2. BLEND COLORS (if needed) Two or more Hairline Fix colors can be blended together to achieve an appropriate color match. Do not mix other pigments, colorants or additives as this may compromise the adhesion and effectiveness of the product.

    REPAIR SECRET: THE PLASTIC WRAP Simply mix enough of each colour in some transparent sandwich wrap or plastic bag then place it next to the damage to match the color.

    3. APPLY AND LEVEL SHAKE the tube 10 times before use and applying to damage. This shaking action thins out the product helping it to penetrate more deeply for extra strength. Have a tissue at the ready. APPLY a drop to the hairline crack. Do not apply too much. Hairline Fix is like super glue – too much makes a mess! Using the LEVEL, rapidly wipe across the repair 5 times. These wipes are important as they also help Hairline Fix penetrate deeply into the damage. Clean the end of the LEVEL with the tissue. Level again, remove any streaks around the edges of the repair (but not the repair itself). Take your time! Multiple coats may be required depending on how deep the hairline damage is. REPAIR SECRET: VERTICAL SURFACES Simply apply Hairline Fix using the instructions then after the 2nd LEVEL blow a hot hairdryer on the repair for 2 minutes. A skin has now formed and the Hairline Fix won’t slump. REPAIR SECRET: DEEP DAMAGE Very deep hairline cracks may require 2-3 coats to maximise penetration and prevent cracks from spreading. Simply allow enough time between coats before re-applying (overnight is best).

    4. ALLOW TO DRY Leave the repair in the sun to dry for one hour (at 80degF/25degC). It will cure in two hours and be fully cured in one week. REPAIR SECRET: COLD WEATHER DRYING Temperatures below 20degC-70degF require drying by a hot hair dryer on the surface at 2inches or 50mm for 2 minutes. Water resistant: Not suitable for use on surfaces below the waterline.

    Do not use below 50degF/10degC>