MagicEzy Mega Fusion .43 Fluid Oz
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    MagicEzy Mega Fusion .43 Fluid Oz

    Price: $24.99

    Product Code: ME400

    Description of MagicEzy Mega Fusion .43 Fluid Oz

    MagicEzy Mega Fusion is a quality primer/sealant with ultra powerful absorption and adhesion properties. Use it to prime ‘difficult to repair’ surfaces such as plastic, aluminum, wood, ceramic and fiberglass.

    Features: Extraordinary adhesion power Penetrates deeply into pores Strengthens weakened surfaces Highly elastic to allow for structural movement Easy, no mess, water clean-up

    Color: Off-White Product suitability: Not suitable for use without a top coat. Water resistant: For ‘above the waterline’ use. Do not use below 50°F/ 10°C Recommended products: For Fiberglass, Wood & Ceramic: Chips, holes, medium cracks, deep scratches: Use MagicEzy 9 Second Chip Fix™ plus MagicEzy Hairline Fix for a high gloss finish. Hairline cracks and crazing: Use MagicEzy Hairline Fix.

    Application Instructions

    If surface is shiny, rub with an abrasive pad until dull.

    Rinse with detergent and water then water flush.

    Always apply on a clean, dry surface at hand temperature.

    Apply a thin layer in the damage.

    Gently smooth with our patented ‘LEVEL’ on flat end of tube (see ‘arrow’). Hold at 90o to repair.

    Trim all Mega Fusion from top inner edge with a tissue.

    Primed in two hours at at 70oF/ 20oC.

    If used to bond, allow 24 hours to harden.

    If used as a primer: requires a topcoat of Hairline Fix or 9 Second Chip Fix.