Finish Line 5mm
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    Finish Line 5mm

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    Product Code: NER368X05300


    Description of Finish Line 5mm

    Product Description: Finish Line is a 100% polyester pre-stretch with an 8-strand "nubby" cover and continuous filament core. Features: ‰Û¢Low Stretch ‰Û¢Durable Cover ‰Û¢Great hand ‰Û¢Flexible & easy to knot Applications: ‰Û¢Dinghy Outhauls ‰Û¢Cunninghams ‰Û¢Centerboard Lines ‰Û¢Halyards ‰Û¢Vang Systems ‰Û¢Hiking Strap Lines ‰Û¢Topping Lifts Colors Available: ‰Û¢White ‰Û¢Red ‰Û¢Gray Size Weight Tensile lbs/100' g/m lbs kg 3/16" (5mm) 1.3 19.3 1,350 613