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    Harken Carbo Foil

    Price: $619.00

    Product Code: H700112

    Description of Harken Carbo Foil

    The Carbo Racing Foil material offers significant advances over the PVC commonly used in similar racing foils. It is low-friction, durable and extremely strong—perfect for the racing sailor. 1. High-Strength Engineered Polymer High-strength engineered polymer is superior to PVC for unmatched impact and line wear resistance, with less foil damage from spinnaker poles. Heat has little effect on stiffness. Long-Lasting Protection Carbon-black additive in foil material provides no-fade UV protection. Black color is easy to see against light sky and complements modern sailcloth colors. Smooth Surface Ultra-smooth twin sail grooves and low friction material for hoists, douses, and sail changes that are significantly faster than the competition's. 2. Low-Friction Prefeeder Deep-saturation Hardkote-anodized. Teflon®-impregnated aluminum rollers spin freely on low-friction bushings for fast hoists. 3. Strong, Durable Components Prefeeder, feeder and trim cap are investment-cast 316 stainless steel for strength; polished to a mirror finish. 4. Easy Mast-Up Installation Installation is simple: uncoil foil, trim to size and snap into place. Fits headstays to 5/16" or rods to -17.